October 2022

Bahamas Maritime Authority Authorisation as YSO

We’re delighted to announce our appointment as a Yacht Survey Organisation (YSO) for Bahamas Maritime Authority, allowing us to perform statutory surveys for Bahamian yachts of less than 500GT and the survey for issue of Bahamas Small and Large Yacht Certificates of Compliance for both Private and Charter yachts.

Please contact us for more information!

20th September 2021

Monaco Yacht Show 2021

We’re delighted once again to be able to travel to MYS 2021 and enjoy meeting Friends, old and new. If you have any compliance questions, or you just want to catch up for a beer, drop me a WhatsApp or Text – or just old-fashioned pick up the phone – see you there!


1st September 2020

Paris MoU on Port State Control Postpones 2020 Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Stability

In response to the impacts caused by Covid-19 on the maritime industry, the Paris and Tokyo MoUs have postponed their planned CIC on Stability until 2021. The CIC schedule for the coming years is now:-

2021 Stability

2022 STCW

2023 Fire Safety

CICs are normally held from 1st September until 30th November as an additional checklist for Port State Control inspections.

15th May 2020

Paris MoU on Port State Control Guidance on Covid -19

The Secretariat for Paris MOU has published an informative Circular offering guidance for Port State Control Authorities during the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic. Of particular interest is their response to survey and certification issues, both for vessel and crew. Flag States are posting similar guidance, recognising that this is a case of force majeure and that exceptional measures will be required for the short term at least.

Please click here to view the Circular.

7th March 2020

ICS/IMO Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19, nCoV)

The International Chamber of Shipping has published guidance for ship operators for the protection of the health of seafarers against Coronavirus, which IMO have adopted into a Circular Letter, No.4204 for all interested parties. Whilst set against a rapidly developing public health situation, the Circular addresses the current position on port entry, protective measures and the practical application of planning for shipboard response to contact with the virus. There are a number of useful checklists, posters and templates which operators may find of particular value.

Please click here to view the Circular.


2nd July 2019

Paris & Tokyo MoU Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Emergency Systems and Procedures

During the TOKYO MOU 29th committee meeting held in November 2018, the committee agreed to the subject matter of the next joint Paris MOU Concentrated inspection campaign CIC 2019.

In a statement, they said:-

‘The Committee approved the questionnaire for the CIC on Emergency Systems and Procedures to be carried out jointly with the Tokyo Memorandum of Understanding on port state control. The CIC aims at ensuring compliance with the requirements for the preparation of emergency equipment and the crew’s ability to respond to emergency situations. The CIC will be carried out from September to November 2019 and the questionnaire will be published in August.’

So now is a good time to look at your Emergency Protocols and Contingency Plans to ensure that both Vessel and Office have robust workable procedures; that crews are adequately trained and familiarised for their Muster List roles (not necessarily just their own) and that they are able to demonstrate the correct operation of LSA and FFE to an inspector.

It is a common failing point in PSC inspections that equipment may work, but the crew are not able to show the inspector how. At a minimum the situation reflects badly upon the vessel and at worst leads to PSC deficiencies or even detention.

The message is simple and clear:-

Make sure your kit works, and know well how to use it!

We will post a link to the PSC checklist when it becomes available.

9th August 2018

Paris & Tokyo MoU Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on MARPOL Annex IV

Paris and Tokyo MoUs on Port State Control commence their annual CIC on 1st September until 30th November on the theme of MARPOL Annex VI Compliance.

The main objectives of this CIC are to:-

  • Establish the level of compliance with the requirements of MARPOL Annex VI within the shipping industry;
  • Create awareness amongst ships’ crew and ship owners with regard to the importance of compliance with the provisions of MARPOL Annex VI and the prevention of air pollution;
  • Send a signal to the industry that prevention of air pollution and enforcement of compliance with applicable requirements is high on the agenda of both MoU member States; and
  • Underline the responsibility of the Port State Control regime with regards to harmonised enforcement of compliance with the requirements of MARPOL Annex VI.

A ship will be subject to one inspection under this CIC during the period of the campaign. You can follow the link here to see the checklist which PSC officers will use.

31st December 2017

Happy Birthday, NautX!

..And what a year it has been! Happy New Year and thank you to our friends, old and new, who have helped us to make year one a success. We look forward to seeing you all again in the coming year, and to many more exciting, innovative and successful collaborations. Thank you!


29th August 2017

Paris & Tokyo MoU Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Safety of Navigation

Paris and Tokyo MoUs on Port State Control commence their annual CIC on 1st September until 30th November on the theme of Safety of Navigation. Inspecting PSC officers will examine various aspects of a vessel’s navigational safety as it pertains to navigating officers, including aspects of ECDIS operation and adherence to parts of SOLAS and COLREGS – in particular regarding familiarity of deck officers with the equipment. Historically, deficiencies relating to navigational equipment generate a high proportion of vessel deficiencies.

Avoidance of deficiencies is a relatively simple matter. Ensure your kit is up-to-date, that it works and you know how to operate it!


27th August 2017

Show season and an introduction…!

I can’t believe it’s nearly September – Monaco Show just a few weeks away then our annual trip to Fort Lauderdale and back for METS in November. We’ll be at all three shows and will be introducing our new U.S. based associate surveyor, Brian Peter, at Fort Lauderdale Show. Brian is an ex USCG Commander with a wealth of regulatory and compliance experience and importantly an expert in U.S. maritime legislation. Welcome onboard, Brian and we look forward to working with you.


15th August 2017

Where has the year gone?!

A busy summer for NautX with two more yachts under survey with us flagging-in for the RMI Yacht Engaged in Trade (YET) programme, two PY/CY conversions and a Private Yacht Limited Charter (PYLC).

In the immortal words from the well known shark film:- ‘We’re gonna need a bigger boat!’


24th March 2017

Port Marine Safety Code Master Class at Shoreham Port

We held a very successful PMSC Duty Holder’s Master Class at Shoreham Port yesterday where we examined the role of the Duty Holder in PMSC compliance. By use of case studies and a lively workshop session, we looked at all aspects of overseeing a Marine SMS and how to ‘get it right’. The participants almost had as much fun as the presenter, but all agreed it was an essential learning experience which left the Board members understanding well their obligations under the Code as well as the essential interaction between Harbour Master, Designated Person and Duty Holder.

To find out more about our PMSC Duty Holder’s Master Classes, please contact us

9th February 2017

Gule gule!

Back from Istanbul for the first of two projects we’re consulting on – Tessekur Ederim to my lovely hosts!


24th January 2017

Coming Stateside!

We’ll be in the Fort Lauderdale area next week (28th-1st Feb), so please get in touch if you want to meet up and discuss any aspects of yacht compliance.


1st January 2017

We’re off!

With the provenance of over 10 years of vessel and large yacht surveying experience, ports and marine consultancy (and of lifetimes spent in the maritime industry), we do what we do best – delivering comprehensive, accurate and timely large yacht and vessel surveys, audit and compliance to discerning clients. We look forward to giving that same high quality service for years to come under our name, NautX.

Happy sailing, and thank you so far.

Andy Langford,