Large Yacht Survey

Large Yacht Flag State Surveyors

Authorised Representatives for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

NautX are Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Appointed Representatives (AR), performing surveys, audits and inspections on behalf of the Administration.

NautX conduct Pre-Registration surveys for Private Yachts wishing to flag with the RMI Register and surveys for RMI flagged yachts, including Private Yacht Limited Charter (PYLC) for up to 84 days per year, Yachts Engaged in Trade (YET), Passenger (PAXY) and Commercial Yachts (CY).

We are authorised to issue National Certification for all yachts and Statutory Certification for unclassed Commercial Yachts up to 500GT and Private Yachts of any size and to conduct External ISM, ISPS and MLC audits.

We have global reach with representation in Europe, The Americas and the Far East.

  • Pre-registration Surveys (for Private Yachts wishing to flag with the RMI)
  • Commercial Yacht (CY)
  • Yachts Engaged in Trade (YET)
  • Private Yacht, Limited Charter (PYLC) for up to 84 days per year
  • Passenger Yachts (PAXY)
  • External ISM, ISPS and MLC audits

Why RMI?

Ranked as the third largest registry worldwide with Paris and Tokyo MoU ‘White List’ status, RMI have a dedicated team of yachting professionals supporting your operation.

Actively involved with IMO, RMI were the second country to ratify MLC, 2006 and because of their good standing in IMO have developed strong working relationships with other major yachting Flag Administrations and Classification Societies, helping to take a leading role in shaping future Maritime Legislation and Conventions.

Perhaps the most compelling attraction is their innovation and development of new ownership structures and registration types, in some cases unique to RMI. Their Large Yacht Code, MI-103, is lodged at IMO as equivalent to SOLAS, comparing favourably to LY3 and RMI Flagged yachts are eligible for US Cruising Permits.

Well recognised as a ‘client facing’ flag, their pragmatic approach and speed of response and service make them an attractive proposition to owners and operators alike.

Please contact us for more information on flagging with RMI.

 Commercial Compliance Gap Analysis

We are able to help you assess suitability for Commercial use of your yacht, no matter which the intended flag. We specialise in performing Gap Analyses to help you determine the best option for your vessel and provide support for the process up to and including certification; co-ordinating with Managers, Class, Flag and Yard as your project requires.